It is indiscipline for Sampa to intimidate permanent secretary

Sampa is wrong by forcing and by-passing the permanent secretary. The PS is accountable for all actions related to his ministry. It is not the role of a minister to personally draft statutory instruments neither is it correct for ministers to assume the role of writing letters and correspondence in the manner and style Sampa has done. The role of a minister is to ensure policy implementation and interpretation and giving direction.
The PF ministers appear not to fully understand their respective roles. It is erroneous for a minister to by-pass his permanent secretary because ultimately the PS is accountable before parliamentary select committees. It is shocking that under this regime even junior Minister ministers can attempt to threaten the chief executive officer of the ministry who happens to be a permanent secretary.
The Permanent Secretary is the controlling officer who must authorize payment to the government Printer. It is not free per se to just print SI at government printers.
Subsidiary legislation should not abused to siphon state funds by using un orthodox methods. The permanent secretary is a big gun in a ministry and cannot afford to be a by-stander when un authorized characters Usurp his powers. It is unusual and out of character for a minister to write threatening letters directly to civil servants.
The civil service has well defined disciplinary procedures of disciplining erring officers. It is therefore wrong for Sampa to write a PS in that style and manner. It would appear the PF lack the basic understanding how the system works going by the kind of letter Sampa wrote to his PS.
This now calls for the secretary to Cabinet to advise and admonish Sampa on how procedures pertaining to the operation of the civil service done. It is the duty of Msiska as secretary to cabinet to counsel Sampa as he is out of order to discipline a senior civil servant who ought to be his chief executive in the MOF.
It is primitive to run the civil service in this style and manner, otherwise it is abetting anarchy for a minister to resurface with a statutory Instrument in his hands which his Permanent secretary is unaware of.
Arrange for training sessions in basics for these people brought to government through nepotism. They appear to be lacking in substance.

Nason Msoni

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