It is madness and stupidity to increase Sata’s salary on borrowed money- Dr. Canisius Banda

It is madness and stupidity to increase Sata’s salary on borrowed money- Dr. Canisius Banda

UPND vice-president for politics Canisius Banda has described as madness for the PF government to increase the salaries of the Republican president, Michael Sata and all government ministers, especially when the Zambian government barely survives on borrow money to Finance the budget.

Dr. Banda said the action was one of the stupidest things he has ever seen, especially that there are a number of unresolved issues with nurses, mid-wives and other medical personnel.

In their usual greediness and change of positions, president Sata and his ministers have again increased their salaries by another 100 percent, the third time since assuming office in 2011, despite the huge budget deficit and bankrupt economy that is now surviving on commercial borrowing.

In 2008, Mr. Sata then loitering around the country as an opposition leader condemned former president Rupiah Banda when the MMD government attempted to increase their salaries.

Mr. Banda was forced to withdraw the increments, but soon after taking over office in 2011, Mr. Sata’s first act was to increase his salary twice without any shame, for basically doing nothing as he is normally bed-ridden over his health issues.

Sata is also almost completing his retirement mansion, ahead of other former presidents and has also been allocating huge sums of money to the none existing office for his wife Dr. Christine Kaseba.

At the time he was an opposition leader masquerading as ‘man of the poor people’ Mr. Sata condemned Rupiah Banda by saying this in August 2008 (Post newspaper):

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) president Michael Sata yesterday said President Levy Mwanawasa opposed salary and allowance increments for constitutional office holders and senior government officials last April. Commenting on Cabinet’s approval of the salary and allowance increments, Sata said President Mwanawasa did not want the increments to be implemented

“That budget, those salary increments, were approved in March. But Levy did not want them to be implemented because they were too high.

He realised the difficulties which we were going to have about fuel, difficulties about food and then the problem of K400 billion for the Muzorewa National Constitutional Conference NCC,” Sata said. “Levy did not want to implement that and I challenge anyone of them to challenge me. He didn’t approve it.

They should have got it on the 1st of April but he did not approve, that’s why they did not get it.”

Sata said it was immoral for Cabinet to approve such hefty allowances while President Mwanawasa was ill in hospital.

“It is very immoral, very, very immoral for Rupiah Banda Vice-President and his colleagues to be so greedy that they don’t care about their colleague who is in hospital. They are just using him because they want to empower their handbags, they want to empower their purses and their pockets,” he said.

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