It is PF that God is punishing – Msoni

It is PF that God is punishing – Msoni

Given Lubinda’s assertion that;

God will punish the UPND government and the people who voted for it, says PF Vice-president, Given Lubinda

Lubinda told a media briefing today that the 2022 national budget is only meant to benefit the government, business men with capital, DCs and not the poor Zambian people.

NASON MSONI responds to Given Lubinda.

To the contrary, it is God that will Punish Given Lubinda and the PF leaders.

It is inconceivable how the former Justice Minister Mr. Given Lubinda and PF Vice President and his PF party expected to win the 12th August 21 elections after abusing and deceiving the more than (3,500)former government employees ( voluntary separatees).

The former government employees were subjected to the most horrendous inhuman treatment and subjected to endless deception and lies and ultimately diverting their promised money to party functions after publicly announcing to the nation that they would get paid the following week.

The former government employees were forced to cry out to God and prayed continuously to God in tongues whilst standing in the heavy rains outside Mr. Lubinda’s office at the Ministry of Justice. The man sat there in his office and was unmoved by human decency and continued to ignore their plight and instead continued to enjoy his coffee while the hapless souls soaked miserably outside his office. The former government employees prayed in earnest and petitioned God in the heavy downpour. Undoubtedly these PF leaders are the worst and the most cruel and greedy bunch of leaders Zambia has ever had in government.

In a nutshell he should be the last person to cast aspersions and to have even been shocked by the miserable loss in the August 21 elections going by his behavior as Justice Minister in the PF government. Indeed seemingly they can be no doubt that God must have collectively cursed all of them.

They all appear disoriented,confused and seemingly have forgotten their uncouth behavior that to every action there are consequences.

Further PF leaders stole money meant to benefit the poor people and additionally they had imported rotten drugs and pocketed the proceeds of crime.

Indeed when the needy cry out to God he will hear them and will answer them in the secret place of thunder.

Our unsolicited counsel to the cursed PF leadership is that they need to seek the face of God and ask for forgiveness from the former government employees whom they terribly ill-treated.

We must now give credit due to the new dawn government for clearly demonstrating their political will and commitment to paying off all the outstanding dues to former government employees and retirees.

The good intentions by government have been well presented and articulated in the recently presented budget and therefore obstructionist and detractors should be politely ignored in the interest of progress.

Nason Msoni

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