It is president Sata, not the opposition supporting corruption

By Edwin Sakala

In countries where the rule of laws counts, President Michael Sata should have volunteered to resign his position as president of the republic of Zambia. This follows a series of scandals that have rocked this country in his seven months in power. The scandals we have witnessed in the recent past have soiled his reputation as a president.

He will never walk again with his head upwards without people pointing at him as a person who has allowed corruption to thrive.

It is immoral for him to accuse the opposition of being supportive to corrupt elements in this country. It is he himself is supportive to corrupt elements as evidenced in his decision to suspend judges on allegation that they were involved to compel the Nchito brothers and Mmembe to pay back to DBZ the 14million which they borrowed. The best thing the president can do is to call it a quit and allow people choose another leader who will not fail them when it comes to corruption fight.
Who doesn’t know that the Nchito brother, Mmembe and JNC holding owe the DBZ huge sums of money in billions? It is not in dispute that the Nchito brothers and allies need to pay back the money they owe the DBZ in full and interest and that is the reason was why the bank dragged the defendant to court.
What is in dispute is whether the defendant was in order to behave the way they behaved at the time the matter was in court.
There is no judge worth the name who could have ruled to the contrary. We wonder if president Sata could have suspended that judge in the way he suspended the three judges that protected our money. Failure to read between the line on matter of public concern is the one which constitutes a scandal which has led us invite the president to volunteer his resignation otherwise we shall remain with no other option but to petition the people whose money president Sata want to allow his friend to unlawfully obtain.
We need not to be lawyers or to be told that the defendant or the plaintiff does not have the right or power to choose the judge that will handle their matters. It was improper for the defendant to behave the way they behaved and the president erred to have listened to their complaint. The best thing he should have done was to punish them for resisting a trial in a matter they were sued for failing to pay back public money.
The president should have known better the lawyers owe allegiance to courts. The president should have taken keen interest to know why the defendant through their lawyers behaved the way they behaved when they walked out of the court in a matter which involved them.  If the president truly respects the rule of law which he claim to do, he should moved to the aim of the court and not to punish the judges that were demeaned.
The action taken by the president to suspend judges for doing their job tantamount is interfering in operation of the judiciary. This is the scandal of its west kind. On moral ground, we advise the president to stand down.
It is shameful that the president has assembled himself a gang which he wants to use in his quest to end corruption. Many of these people were in the failed task force of corruption which lamentably failed to record success in the fight against corruption in the previous regime led by late president Levy Mwanawasa.
As though this is not enough, some of the people who the president is using to fight corruption are corrupt themselves. They are facing several cases which are both criminal and civil in nature. We wonder how the fight against corruption will be won when the starlings are married to corruption.
What is aggravating the situation is that, the president has surrounded himself with advisers that have no courage to give him correct advice at the right time and when it is needed.
The latest scandal where the president has suspended three judges raises a lot of question to a cadre of advisers’ president Sata has chosen. We wonder how a person who has good advisers can make such a mistake that have put the country in disrepute.

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