It is shameful Namulambe opted to join people who frustrated Mwanawasa – HH

It is shameful Namulambe opted to join people who frustrated Mwanawasa – HH

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has accused the PF government and their Mpongwe candidate Gabriel Namulambe of being a bunch of cheats in the way they are behaving in the forth-coming by-elections.

Hichilema wondered what kind of development Namulambe can take to Mpongwe when he failed to effectively develop the area as a cabinet minister under the MMD leadership of Late Levy Mwanawasa who was even more honest and organised with a passion to develop Zambia.

He said Namulambe is a traitor who is only interested in his personal egos and developing himself at the expense of the Mpongwe people.

“With traitors like Namulambe, Mwanawasa should really be turning in his grave to realise that the people he thought were with him are now working with characters who insulted and frustrated his presidency till his death,” Mr. Hichilema said.

He accused the PF government of being inconsistent with development as can be seen from the way they are doing roads in Mpongwe amidst heavy rains when in some areas they claim roads can’t be done until after rain season.

“People of Zambia now know that these are just liers. If you go to most roads in Chingola, Kitwe Ndola and other urban centres, the roads are in deplorable state but the PF claim that they can only work on them after rain season yet the same characters are doing roads in rain season in areas where there are bye-elections. They really think they are dealing with foolish Zambians who can’t see these things,” he said.

He said in their usual poor planning, the PF bribed traitors like Namulambe and Howard Sikwela of Livingstone to quickly resign when they were not ready for elections only to realise that the economic fundamentals on the ground were wrong for them to gain genuine votes.

“Now in panicking they are sending earth moving equipment to do roads but the machines are just getting stuck everywhere, and we have no sympathies with contractors who can agree such fake contracts against their professional knowledge, just damaging their expensive equipment,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema said the PF government were also busy pleading for more time from Zambians who have not been paid their retirement benefits, and farmers who have not received inputs and patients who have not been treated due to lack of basic medication and equipment yet president Michael Sata is busy paying himself and his wife hefty and illegal retirement benefits and allowances when they are just lazing around at State House.

“The kind of treatment Zambians are getting from this regime is worse than the colonial government which some of those in leadership supported. It is like they are borrowing all the bad governance issues from the colonial government mentality against their fellow citizens but they doing it the most extreme way than the colonial oppressors,” said Hichilema.

“Anyway, we are not surprised with their behaviour because there are so many people with colonial mentality. You can see people like Guy Scott is almost celebrating the death of so many Zambian citizens in a road accident by taking advantage to intensify campaigns instead of attending to the national tragedy right under his office as head of Disaster Management unit which is totally unZambian,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema said time is now for Zambians to judge the type of people in leadership who are busy bribing MPs and councillors join them and create expensive bye-elections yet the country lacks basic disaster management equipment and services.

He said the amount of money being wasted on bye-elections created by PF regime can be used for more noble causes like procuring air-lifting and evacuation equipment for the military and medical services in case of a calamity like the one experienced in Chibombo.

Mr. Hichilema said that it is even shameful that people like Winter Kabimba can even cheat that PF is not responsible for bye-elections in response to the civil society and the church’s concerns on wasteful bye-elections thinking people can believe such lie.

“Everyone knows that PF is creating these bye-elections by bribing and blackmailing individuals like Namulambe who are facing corruption cases in courts. Surely, even if Namulambe wanted to be cabinet, what was so wrong to merely advise him that he qualified to be appointed and work with them in cabinet without wasting billions of Kwachas meant for oxygen at UTH and other economic sectors,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema said with the amount of economic damage being done under the PF regime, one only prays that they don’t completely destroy everything to a point where the country will end up like some neighbouring states they are trying to copy ideas from.

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