It is the Chinese who will buy Zaffico shares

It is the Chinese who will buy Zaffico shares

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says the listing of ZAFFICO on the stock exchange is a tricky to sell the shares to Chinese as Zambians can’t afford to buy shares given the current poverty in the country.

“I know that they are using the listing of ZAFFICO on the stock exchange in order to facilitate the systematic take over by the Chinese. If you ask them today, which Zambians are going to buy the shares of ZAFFICO once it’s listed? People don’t have food to eat, they have no money to buy shares in ZAFFICO, so it’s them and their Chinese friends who will buy the shares and eventually remove it from the stock exchange, is that not a sale?” asked Hichilema.

And HH says he is not afraid of being arrested;

“No, we are not scared. When you speak for the people, when you represent the down trodden, you don’t front fear. If you front fear, you cannot do the work that we do, you cannot seek public office the way we do…but does that solve the problem if they arrest me? It will not end people’s anger. They should ask themselves, how many times will we arrest HH and other innocent people? They threw in Mwaliteta and his colleagues for one year, when they knew that he had not committed any crime. But they put them in filthy prisons. When a government begins to use force instead of listening to alternative voices, including the media, then you know that you are heading in the wrong direction. I think the PF are heading in the wrong direction,” Hichilema said.

“The best they can do is sit down and talk and see how all these issues can be resolved so that people can start having food in their homes and we can lower the tax burden…let them sit with us in a mature manner and discuss possible ways of saving the country from this collapse, the country is collapsed. I think that is the more honourable thing to do.”

HH also asked why the PF are blaming him even for the heat in Lusaka:

“The PF have decided to take a frame that whenever something goes wrong and they fail to satisfy citizens, they blame HH. You are aware of those UNZA issue, they went there and basically killed Vespers Shimunzhila by tear gassing her room and then they blame HH as though HH is responsible for directing the police, as though HH is responsible for the things that are under their control,” he said.

“There are many other things they have blamed me for, the kwacha depreciation against the dollar, it’s HH to blame, I don’t know what else they will not blame me for. When they fail to deliver, it is HH. You cannot shift responsibility to someone who has no instruments, who has no apparatus of the state. I think at some point, we must call this bluff, it must come to an end and they must take responsibility. And we can help or advise, we have been advising. It is up to them to take that advise and save the country from where it is going. The country is hurting; we all know that. Does any citizen need HH to remind them that there are no jobs? Who said that there would be jobs? Who said that there would be lower taxes? It is them but look at the tax burden now.”

Hichilema said; “What would you feel if you were in my shoes? Right now the rains are late, I will not be surprised if they say that the rains are delayed because of HH.”

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    Jerry Mwape 1 week ago

    For sure people are not settled over the serious issues that are happening in the country.Its been reported in all News papers that there is going to be a sale of Zafico, ZNBC etc.Whats going on? Why Cant we Zambians surely not question those in power to tell us the truth. I also want to know wether listing company shares on a stock exchange is different to selling shares of a company? secondly, we do not even know what percentage of these share shall be offloded on the market called stock exchange, for people to buy, especially those with money becuase as for your information no zambian can afford to buy looking at the way the economy is biting.Am Sure Chinese have lots of money and they can afford. Dont forget that selling zafico is like selling our land and its minerals underground. Dont be cheated that zafico land has no minerals.What is the interest of those chinese who bought those houses for Zafico employees for free? Which chinese have you ever known world over to be so generous? Why have they not bought houses for thier employees in the first place at chambishi Non Ferous Metals as a mining company? Zambian think beyond things for today but the future. let us treat the Chinese with caution because thire intentions are unknown. If we are not carefull we shall realize when all our land and wealthy is gone. Stand up Zambian.

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    accept a blame so that you can be assisted the truth pf you have failed every one knows that. internationally poor within poorest people want serves and food money and affordable life which is not there. pooor, poor, poor pooraaaaaa

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    Edgar Chakolewa Lungu 1 week ago

    Ba Mambala, PF Dogs! Zambian we are too docile no wonder they are calling us “Republic of Stones.” Lungu will do ANYTHING he wants because he knows Zambians will not stop him. The masses have more power than the army and the police. But sadly, we just talk and talk on social media no actions! Stones we are!!

    His Excellence HH has gathered serious political know how. I can tell from this speech. This is powerful from a serious leader. That is my man!

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    Civil war is looming created by PF 1 week ago

    F is creating conditions for internal civil strife. This is how the Rwanda war begun. Intolerance and lack of genuine dialogue and respect for opposition. Don’t get surprised when Zambia begins to burn

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    for sure zambians lets opeen our eyes and see beyond.if we just keep quiet ,our own ZAMBIA will be sold to China

  • comment-avatar
    Blago 1 week ago

    Lungu and his PF are so scared of HH. 

  • comment-avatar
    Obuseva 1 week ago

    I have never seen a ruling party that behaves like they are in opposition. What is it they have done well, nothing. They have a blaming culture running away from their bad decisions.
    I wonder how they sleep.

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