It is the deceitful Nawakwi who has been grovelling for a job from Lungu – Amos Chanda

It is the deceitful Nawakwi who has been grovelling for a job from Lungu – Amos Chanda

STATE House has rubbished as outrageous and unfounded remarks by FDD president Edith Nawakwi that President Edgar Lungu is courting her for a running mate in the forthcoming elections.

Yesterday, the Post newspaper reported that the Forum for Democracy and Development leader had turned down President Lungu’s running mate offer. But Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public relations, Amos Chanda, said Ms Nawakwi was not the woman President Lungu had in mind when he announced that his running mate in the August 11 general election would be a woman.

He said President Lungu had many ‘‘capable, decent and honest women’’ in his political life to work with.

“We have always thought that Ms Nawakwi was a dishonest person but we probably underestimated her levels of deceitfulness. Ms Nawakwi has sent several emissaries to the President begging that she should be offered the position of republican Vice-President and be a running mate to the Head of State.

‘‘As recent as when the President was in Mpika, Ms Nawakwi was grovelling and making desperate efforts to meet the Head of State and we are proud that we did not facilitate the meeting for her. “The woman in the mind of President Lungu is certainly not Ms Nawakwi and she must be told that she is not God’s only gift to Zambian politics.

‘‘When God created women in politics, he did not start and end with Ms Nawakwi and President Lungu has many capable, decent and honest women in his political life,” Mr Chanda said.

Mr Chanda explained that if President Lungu had wanted Ms Nawakwi as his running mate, he would have tasked his press aide, his political advisor Kaizer Zulu, the PF secretary general Davis Chama or his deputy Mumbi Phiri to approach her.

He said President Lungu would alternatively have contacted Ms Nawakwi personally and that claims by the FDD leader of having been offered to be running mate were nothing but hallucinations.

Mr Chanda advised Ms Nawakwi to pursue her alliance Nawakwiwith the opposition political parties and stop fantasising that President Lungu was looking up to her as his running mate.

He said Nawakwi was lying when she claimed that she had sent a message to President Lungu and challenged her to state what kind of message she had received.
Mr Chanda said it would be strange to expect State House to respond to a message she had not sent, stating that the only political party President Lungu was in talks with for an alliance was the MMD.

Mr Chanda disclosed that he had declined to process a meeting between President Lungu and Ms Nawakwi and that if there was any of the presidential aides who approached her to be the running mate, they could have done so in their individual capacities.

“We have asked Ms Nawakwi’s emissaries to stop bothering President Lungu because the woman the Head of State has in mind as running mate is not Ms Nawakwi.
Let her mention the emissaries President Lungu sent to her otherwise let her pursue her alliance with the opposition.

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