‘It is tulu’ singer Kachaka may stand on UPND ticket for Lukulu

‘It is tulu’ singer Kachaka may stand on UPND ticket for Lukulu


Kachaka (in black gown) with one of his clients

Namibian based Zambian lawyer and musician Victor Kachaka may be the UPND’s candidate for the forthcoming parliamentary by-election in Lukulu West.

The Supreme Court last week nullified the election of MMD’s Misheck Mutelo as MP for Lukulu west.

In the 2011 general elections, the UPND had no candidate in the Lukulu West constituency because Kachaka failed to make it on the nominations day.

Kachaka has been a staunch UPND member from its early days.

He is currently based in Namibia where he is working as a lawyer. One of his most publicised legal works is his defence of the Kaprivi Region secessionists.

About 120 Namibians from the Kaprivi Region were arrested in 2001 after they attempted to secede from Namibia and form their own country which is on the border with Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Angola.

Kachaka is well known for his songs ‘it is tulu’ and ‘beer man’.

There is a rumour that Kachaka could not practice law in Zambia and went to Namibia after LAZ advised him to stop composing silly songs as that would tarnish the image of LAZ.

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