‘It sucks to be a youth under PF’

Been a youth in Zambia today sucks because as youths in Zambia politicians think we are only useful during elections. It’s sad these days to see how more graduates are roaming the street of Zambia with Great Qualifications. When the PF government was campaigning for the Highest Office in the land the had all kinds of promises that brainwashed majority of Zambians. Most of us saw hope and a brighter future in SATA’s promises. Among the bogus promises that the told us was JOB creation within 90 days and most youths with qualifications we saw our life’s been elevated to another level. This entitled that as long as someone had the right qualifications one would be employed but after the 90 days. Like the say whatever goes up must come down at same point the dream of jobs within 90 days vanished and the promise became an irritating song in the ears of Zambian job seeks and most of all the massive unemployed youths. Traveling is good because it helps one to see the other side of the coin. Through my travel I came to South Africa last year in December for a holiday. During my stay I thought of giving it a try and apply for a JOB while I was here just to keep me active during the holiday. So I applied to South Africa’s second biggest Mobile Service Provider and to my suprise I was called for an interview within less than a week of me applying. Note that I am yet to complete my degree. But myself concise kicked in and I seat down and thought of how things have gone to the dogs in Zambia since the PF Government took office. The only jobs that have been made by the PF is employing youths as PANGA Gangs. Yes even in MMD unemployment was there but not to such levels like we see in the careless no direction government of PF. Parents suffer a lot to educate their children whom than later on after completion of ones studies end up roaming the street. Maybe PF have created JOB as the say, but still there employment policies is that of who you know and what tribe you are. This kind of governance is Stone Age. Dear brothers and sister it’s high time you stopped crying over spilled milk and let’s just wait till 2016 when we will remove the OLD flock Lander-ship from Power.
Why should you suffer just because of the love of the motherland? When your skills can be appreciated somewhere else. Home is Home but your future too matter and that of your loved ones. Think out of the box!!

H.E SATA & the PF remember 2016 we they youths will also repay you in kind like you have done to us..

Zambian Youth

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