‘It was foolish of us to vote a person of Sata’s calibre’

Dear Editor,

First of all I would ask that my name and contact details be withheld for obvious reasons.

This is the first time I have voiced out complaining about the many happenings in our country joining the many other voices that are disaapointed and frustrated at the rate of development at the direction our country is headed under the patriotic front government.First of all I would like to make it clear here that we have no one else to blame but ourselves..How do we put in to power a man of Sata’s calibre?Michael Chilufya Sata’s past is there in black and white for everyone to see.Yet we went ahead and voted for him in the name of change.

Well,I guess we get what we deserve,a country with no direction!!..I can’t point at 5 positive things this man has done from the time he took office,at this point,am begining to think) was a better choice.

I personally have never really liked politicians and I have never voted in my 35 years old life because I have always thought I will not be affected, but I am..I feel the pain of the many people crying out to have the price of mealie meal broght down, the many zambians that do not have a place to sleep or a toilet to relieve themselves from,all those people who have to stand in long ques for mealie meal or fuel instead of being out there doing something productive.As if that wasn’t enough,Army worms are further worsening our already shaky state of food security…and now I hear even the cargo trains at Tazara are not operating because of lack of fuel..In the face of these many problms and challenges,all we gate from Sata is him chasing after HH and NM…swearing in a bunch of people in to public service every single week,his ministers fighting amongst themselves and senior members of his party and governmnt proudly engaging themselves in corrupt business activities..

This is a government which came in to power with a manifesto whose content was a copy of other political parties’ manifestos mostly the UPND..Are we surprised that they have totally failed to,using their manifesto,give this country any form of direction.?Am not expecting much from Michael Sata and I know that even he doesn’t believe he has what it takes to run a country.

I have so many issues to put on paper and I know I sound like a scatter brain right now.

The bottom line is that Zambians need to wake up and start voting wisely.What we did in 2011,voting for Michael and his cohorts….that’s foolishness and I hope we will have learn a lesson by the end of their first term..

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