It was inappropriate and mockery for Kabimba to superintend over Anti-corruption day- APNAC

The African Parliamentary Network against Corruption (APNAC) has charged that it is brutal mockery for President Michael Sata to have delegated Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, who is facing corruption allegations, to superintend over an important event such as the United Nations International Anti Corruption day.

APNAC chairperson Cornelius Mweetwa says president Sata should have known by now that he needs to demonstrate the right attitude when fighting corruption.

Mr.Mweetwa says it was therefore highly inappropriate for President Sata to delegate Mr. Kabimba, who is not only facing corruption allegations but also misconducted himself at the Anti Corruption Commission where he was summoned for questioning.

He says President Sata’s action towards Mr. Kabimba clearly depicts the impunity of the country’s political leadership when it comes to dealing with issues that affect citizens and institutions of governance.

Mr. Mweetwa says APNAC feels it was a deliberate move by the president to delegate Mr. Kabimba regardless of the many complaints raised by a number of stakeholders against the Justice Minister.

And Mr. Mweetwa says he found the tone of the president’s speech during the commemoration of the UN international corruption day strange because it sounded as if it did not come from him.

He states that it was a contradiction to hear in the speech that the Patriotic Front government would like the ACC to operate independently when just last week he was seen and heard attacking the ACC

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