it was Kaizer Zulu who ordered raid on Masebo’s family

State House gunman and Special Assistant to the president for corruption Kaizer Zulu, with the full knowledge of clueless Edgar Lungu ordered the raid on the residence of the nephew to Chongwe member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo fearing that the opposition lawmaker is gaining much support in her constituency which will enable the UPND secure victory in next year’s elections.
Sources at State House said that the raid which occurred a couple of weeks ago was not even known to the state police but PF cadres in police offices and some seconded to the “fake” intelligence.
“Lungu and the PF have established a police within police; army within army and the intelligence within intelligence and this is being run by Kaizer Zulu. Zulu and some PF officials are now proving to be a security risk to the State. PF cadres have been employed and squeezed into security wings and are even dressed with military gear. Up to date the police at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe have failed to issue a statement about their investigation to the raid, which they were not aware of,” the State House source said.
The source said that the parallel security wing was directly reporting to Zulu at state House and it was the parallel wing that was giving president Lungu intelligence briefings.
“Zulu has been boasting in bars and homes of his girlfriends that he will ensure that Masebo is brought down politically and that he will do so using the courts so that she doesn’t qualify to contest elections in Chongwe next year. This is after seeing that PF has lost ground in Chongwe and so they feel that they should use the courts to stop her. So they have deliberately put a team of witnesses to go and even lie in court such as the former PS, Charity Mwansa who was exposed for giving conflicting evidence from the one she gave to the tribunal,” said the source.
The source further said that during the raid, the Zulu-led security wing had information to the effect that they were going to find guns that were to be used by the UPND to fight the PF. Sources further said that Kaizer has lied to Lungu and the rest that they would find money from some western governments supporting regime change by funding the UPND and its president Hakainde Hichilema.
They think that this money is being channeled through Masebo. They were hoping to find traces of money or documentation to that effect. So you can see that they are really desperately after Masebo because they are scared that she will politically advantage HH in next year’s elections. So Masebo like GBM is a target of the PF,” said the sources.
Of late Masebo has been a regular at the courts for a number of cases. In the ZAWA case, she is prosecuted by three private lawyers to ensure that she was fixed.
“Clearly you can see that Lungu and the PF are desperate to bring down Masebo. It has become common for Lungu to use the state wings against his perceived enemies. Look at what he is doing at the Post through ZRA, which has now set base there, conducting searches even when there is a court order against it. Lungu has really become law himself, he is mutilating the constitution with impunity,” he said.

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