It was protest withdrawal not conceding defeat – Masebo

It was protest withdrawal not conceding defeat – Masebo


The UPND withdrawal from the verification process at Mulungushi ECZ results center does not mean the party has conceded defeat.

It’s an inevitable response to the electoral process flaws and continuous disregard of concerns raised by the UPND.

Earlier today UPND president Hakainde Hichilema stormed the result center and demanded to meet the commission.

Among the many other concerns President HH raised were the following:

1. That ECZ stops transmitting results electronically because the party had information that the ECZ system had been hacked. He demanded that we use a manual process.
2. He demanded that no results without the G12 form should be announced. He demanded that the ECZ rely only on original G12 forms only to verify results.
3. He queried how the person who was caught hacking the ECZ system, Samuel Chavula, was released from police when he had been clearly caught committing a crime.

Despite these issues being raised the ECZ has not adhered to any. This prompted the UPND to temporarily withdraw from the verification of results process because they didn’t want to endorse a stolen election. Sitting in those chairs at Mulungushi would have just been an academic exercise as it was clear the ECZ already had an agenda.

According to our PVT we have won this election. There is no reason to dispair. We are still in this race 100%.

We are doing everything possible as a party to ensure that the people get their desired victory.

Your vote was not in vain.


Sylvia Masebo.

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