It’s a lie, nurses have not been reinstated

MOH LetterThe PF government has again cheated Zambians  that they have unconditionally reinstated the nurses they fired in 2014. The truth is that the nurses are being re-engaged as if they are fresh graduates from nursing schools.

According to the letter obtained by the Zambian Watchdog, the nurses PF fired are being engaged, PROVISIONALLY, on a three month temporal basis and can be fired again on a one day notice without any reason being given.

This means that, even if the nurses will be engaged on full time again, they would have lost all the money they worked for in the past as they are being recruited afresh. But like the letter says, this is a temporary new engagement, which can be terminated within one day without reason. The letter says the Public Service Management Division will decide if to employee these nurses or not and that their salaries are still being assessed by the ministry based on each nurse’s qualification.
The question is, what then is this temporary appointment meant to achieve?
Are nurses so dull that they can’t see that the PF just wants to win votes then ‘fire’ them immediately?

On hearing that the opposition UPND would unconditionally reinstate the fired nurses on the same conditions they enjoyed previously and that they would not lose their benefits, PF candidate Edgar Lungu and his team also attempted to do the same.

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