It’s a pity government is abusing poor people on Bill 10

It’s a pity government is abusing poor people on Bill 10

By Nason Msoni

It is extremely wicked for the desperate PF politicians to take advantage of the poor and the less enlightened citizens( the potential victims of Bill 10) to blindly support a Bill that essentially takes away money from their social services to bankroll and sustain a bunch of useless thieving politicians who are intending to refuse to leave office after the dissolution of Parliament.

It is even more disheartening and troubling to see and hear men of God supporting such a criminal piece of legislation that robs the people of the much needed resources.

As for the progressive PF members of Parliament this is a golden opportunity at your disposal that has presented itself to enable for a leadership change in the party by simply voting against Bill 10. It simply means that President Edgar lungu is technically knockout of contention for the party presidency of the PF.

Bill 10 if properly and appropriately harnessed by PF progressive members of Parliament, can serve as a double edged bazooka that can effectively and decisively end the political career of the very architects of the criminal bill.

Bill 10 is good political capital for putting to an end a corrupt and incompetent dictatorship by simply voting against the Bill 10.

On the brighter side of it ,Bill 10 also presents an excellent opportunity for patriotic Parliamentarians (Zambians) to help dismember the capture of the state by peripheral criminals & bandits holding government hostage. By voting against Bill 10, this action undoubtedly frees up the much needed resources which would go towards the social services delivery of our people.
The power lies in voting against the Bill 10.

If you are a member of Parliament and you are concerned for the welfare of the people you represent this is an opportunity for you to do the decent and right thing by voting against the bill as opposed to being an accomplice to the criminal extortion of public resources and corruption.

Nason Msoni
All peoples Congress APC

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