It’s a pity Zambia is being fed GMOs

Dear Sir,

For many years the Zambian people and all the previous governments have rejected the selling or planting of genetically modified food staffs in Zambia.

Genetically modified foods may have very serious long term effects on humans because of the unpredictable dangers of gene manipulation. In Zambia genetically modified foods are not necessary and actually pose a real threat to our health and also to agriculture.

Big multinational companies are the only real beneficiaries of genetically modified foods because the technology helps them monopolise and control planting materials such as seeds. In the long term we shall be rendered beggars and poor in our country because all planting materials for our staple foods will be controlled by greedy private companies while at the same time exposing to the dangers of gene manipulation.

It is very disappointing that the major super markets in Zambia; Pick and Pay, Shoprite and Game in the quest of making huge profits by making Zambians pay for goods  two to four times South African prices are now breaking the law by making Zambians eat genetically modified food staffs. Are these super markets not ashamed that they already are charging too much for the goods they sell in their Zambian shops. In actual fact many South African  products they sell to Zambians are more expensive than in Europe or America. And now they are feeding Zambian prohibited food.

The following products are sold in Pick and Pay, Shoprite or Game and contain genetically modified foods:

-ACE Instant Porridge (Game) contains genetically modified maize. This food is eaten also by both adults and children.

– Jungle Energy Bars (Pick and Pay, Shoprite and Game) contain genetically modified soya.

– Beacon cereal bars ( Saw these in Game) contain genetically modified soya.

These are just  examples. These products have been sold for many months if not years and it is surprising that the relevant ministries are doing nothing to protect the Zambian people.

Most importantly, where are the government ministries responsible for protecting Zambian consumers? And who is allowing these foods to enter the country? There is need of a thorough inspection of the food products sold by South African Super markets in Zambia. In actual fact they should be fined severely for putting Zambian consumers at risk whom they already over charged with their overpriced South African goods.

Please Editor publish this. You are our voice.



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