Its an insult to feed TB patients with jiggies – Beyani

IT IS a shame that we have a mediocre President in State House who can insult poor TB patients by giving them Jiggies and sweets as their Christmas gifts instead of healthy food that can boost their nutrition, says Dr Choolwe Beyani.

On Christmas Day, President Lungu donated Jiggies, sweets and T-shirts to TB patients at Mother Theresa Hospice in Lusaka’s Mtendere Township.

But in an interview yesterday, Dr Beyani, a senior research fellow at UNZA’s Institute of Economic and Social Research, expressed shock and disappointment at the gesture by President Lungu, adding that Jiggies and sweets did not add any nutritional value to the health of TB patients.

“It is a shame that we have a Head of State who could do such a mediocre thing to TB patients who need food and medicine and not sweets and Jiggies. This is the problem when you have never in life prepared yourself for leadership and you are used to socialising in bars or socialising in clubs. It becomes a huge task to live up to…,” Dr Beyani said.

“And this is clearly failing to understand the meaning of Christmas and that move was as a result of his background of socialising in clubs. It is a shame for Lungu to give TB patients sweets and Jiggies; it’s an insult. Who cheated him that Jiggies and sweets have a nutritional value which TB patients need? He was cheated and if not, then it is true that he doesn’t know what he is doing as Head of State. Those are elderly people he was giving Jiggies and sweets; and being TB patients, they don’t need sweets and Jiggies.”

He further said President Lungu’s gesture on Christmas Day was a true manifestation of the fact that he was a visionless leader.

“His visionless message has continued manifesting, that is why you see that now he has gone to such extremes of not knowing what is good even for TB patients. He is a Head of State and he goes ahead and gives TB patients Jiggies, sweets and T-shirts; I can’t believe this and I wonder what those patients are thinking about their President,” Dr Beyani said.

“You are donating to a TB patient a T-shirt, Jiggies and sweets, what really are you saying? As the Head of State, what exactly are you saying; what is your value system? Fundamentally, it shows that the statement that Lungu made when he was running for the Head of State in which he said he had no vision except that of Sata has come home to roost. This is what they call ‘chickens have come home to roost.’ It is so embarrassing.”

He said Zambians deserved a better person to lead them.

“Citizens of this nation need to be governed better and should be represented better by their President, not what we are seeing. As a citizen, you may not belong to the same political party with the President but you must be proud of his actions. But now, it is very difficult to be proud of what the Head of State is doing. And when the President does such mediocre stuff, you feel ashamed,” said Dr Beyani.


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