Its betrayal for a Lozi to join PF, says lawyer Mundia

LUSAKA lawyer Christopher Mundia has warned the people of WesternProvince not to be hoodwinked by Catholic clergy and the PatrioticFront (PF) that the opposition would be an alternative governmentbecause it is a tribal party.

He also called upon law enforcement agencies to take appropriateaction against people who are in the habit of insulting and ridiculingPresident Rupiah Banda because it was a crime under section 69 of thepenal Code.

He said in a statement in Lusaka yesterday the Catholic clergy did notrepresent anyone as they had no families to worry about if there was acrisis in the country since they had no children.

Mr Mundia said it was a betrayal of the people of the Western Province to see a person taking up a position in PF because some leaders in PF hadan inherent hatred for the people of the province.

“To the people of Western Province, let me appeal to their consciencethat PF cannot be an alternative to MMD because it is a tribal party,”he said.

Mr Mundia said it was totally unacceptable for some people to continually insult the president.

He reminded Zambians that the campaign being mounted against PresidentBanda by the clergy, particularly the Catholic Church was also doneagainst the late president Mwanawasa.

“It is not far fetched to believe that our beloved president died asa result of such campaign against him and the same people want toinflict the same damage on the current president who has done wondersin less than three years he has been in office,” he said.

It was totally unacceptable that the country was being turned into aden of hatred, ridicule and contempt for each other abandoning themoral fabric upon which people have existed for many years as onenation.

“It is regrettable also that without any iota of truth the Head ofState is being insulted, ridiculed and scandalised every day bycharacters who behave like graduates of mental asylums.

Some clergy have also joined the band wagon of pseudo political quislings by portraying a picture that hell has broken loose in Zambia simplybecause the president in office is not someone from their province,”he said.

Mr Mundia said some clergy want their “kith and kin” to take over when infact they know that unless there is unity based on love all that the country had gained would be lost.

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