Its cadres discussing alliance-VJ

THE MMD says there are discussions between its rank-and-file followers and the United Party for National Development (UPND) over the possibility of forming an alliance, though there has not been any official dialogue.

Daily Mail quotes Parliamentary Chief Whip Vernon Mwaanga saying although there has not been any formal contact between the two parties, ordinary members have been exploring the formation of an alliance.

Mr Mwaanga said in an interview yesterday that there are discussions among followers of the MMD and the UPND who would like to see some form of alliance established between the two political parties.
He, however, said there are no formal discussions between the leaders of the two parties, but that the last formal discussions took place in 2008 before the presidential elections.

“But the discussions are going on among our followers and they have been quite clear about what they want…this will be a much more honest alliance as it will be based on honesty, integrity and realism,” Mr Mwaanga said.

MMD acting national secretary Chembe Nyangu said as chief executive of the party, he is not aware of any official alliance discussions with the UPND.

“I have no idea of such meetings between MMD and UPND because as chief executive of the party, I could have been aware of such discussions,” Mr Nyangu said.

He said if the party develops plans in future to enter into an alliance, it will widely consult its membership.

Mr Nyangu said the party’s leadership believes in engaging members at the grassroots as they form the foundation of the party.

He said as things stand, the ruling party will win the 2011 general elections.
Meanwhile, Mr Nyangu has advised UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma to be mindful of the statements he issues against Government.
Mr Nyangu said it is wrong for Mr Kakoma to insinuate the MMD government is corrupt.

He said Mr Kakoma should produce evidence to substantiate his claims, and should learn to respect other political parties.
Mr Nyangu said the ruling party has made its position clear on the fight against corruption, and this is already bearing fruit.

He said the enactment of the National Anti-Corruption Commission Law and strengthening of various pieces of legislation are a manifestation of Government’s commitment to the fight against corruption.

And Mr Kakoma was quoted as stating that there is no way the UPND can go into an alliance with the MMD.
He said his party has nothing in common with the ruling party.

Mr Kakoma alleged that the MMD is not interested in the Zambian people and has not tackled unemployment, poverty and other vices.

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