It’s Catholics arranging Sata’s gay meetings with donors-Mumbi

Former Patriotic Front General Secretary, Edward Mumbi has charged that PF leader, Michael Sata’s meeting with the diplomatic community are being arranged by the Catholic Church.

Mumbi says Sata’s meetings with some diplomats accredited to Zambia have the blessing of the Catholic Church because it wants Zambia to be a secular State.

He obsevred that the Catholic church is against the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation and wants to legalise same sex marriages in the country.

And QFM radio quotes Mumbi as saying that if Sata became president, he would plunge the country into anarchy.

He said  people who think the PF leader can make a better republican President as compared to the incumbent, Rupiah Banda are ignorant of his style of leadership.

He told  QFM that if Sata was given a chance to leader the country, he would plunge the country into anarchy and a serious economic disaster.

Mumbi says Sata cannot even make a good choir leader because he is a dictator and a man who should not be allowed to rule the country.

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