It’s Chikwanda acting as president

President Michael Sata who sneaked out of the country last night has left his Uncle Alexander Chikwanda as acting president.

Once again, ceremonial vice-president Giuy Scott has been sidelined. He will be required to go and bow before Chikwanda and cabinet house during the next cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

The Watchdog is reliably informed that Sata sidelined Edgar Lungu this time around because Sata is not happy that Lungu failed to deliver Chipata in the last parliamentary by-election.

During the last two occasions were Sata was out of the country, he left Lungu as acting head of State.

Chikwanda is also the minister of Finance while Lungu is the Home Affairs minister.

From the time PF lost the by-elections, Edgar Lungu has been issuing statement and making threats on every one he thinks was responsible for the loss. He was the campaign manager for the PF and upto the eve of voting; he was claiming that PF would win with a wide margin.


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