It’s Davies Mwila who should resign, says first PF MP

It’s Davies Mwila who should resign, says first PF MP

By Patson Chilemba

The Loss of Ilambo ward to UPND in Lupososhi, Northern Province is a serious indictment on how Davies Mwila is running the party, says the ruling PF’s first ever member of parliament, who won the seat from the same Lupososhi.

And Mpankata said the party should begin to respect the senior and old members, as the general feeling within the PF was that they did not receive the respect due to them.

Speaking with Daily Revelation on the ultimatum party secretary general Davies Mwila had issued to the party’s provincial chairperson Lazarous Chungu, who is also Northern Province minister and Lupososhi member of parliament to vacate office, as it was unacceptable for the opposition UPND to win an election in his area, Mpankata said it was really sad for the ruling party to lose an election in its birth place.

“It’s a serious indictment on how the SG could be running the party. Let him do an introspection of the party, how is he running the party, him being CEO of the party? Why are people running away from us?” Mpankata asked.

He said the Lupososhi seat gave impetus to the late leader Michael Sata after he won his first parliamentary seat for the PF there when others least expected him to.

Mpankata said being the first ever member of parliament for the PF he resisted the temptation of a ministerial appointment from then president Levy Mwanawasa when he was dismantling the opposition. He said Mwanawasa appointed Sylvia Masebo from ZRP, resulting in the end of that party, in the same manner the Heritage Party and FDD fell when their members of parliament were appointed into government.

Mpankata said he remained because he believed in the ideals of Sata, but it was sad how people wanted to destroy the party which loyalists had built over a long time.

He said therefore described the Ilambo loss as a protest vote, which had erased the wins the party gained in other areas.

He said the general feeling within the party was that the senior and old members of the party were no respected, saying everything would begin to fall in line with old members felt the respect.

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