‘Its detrimental for people of Southern province to always be in opposition’

Newly elected Southern Province MMD Chairman Edcar Keemba has said he is determined to work tirelessly and turn Southern Province into a stronghold of the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy.

Speaking to ZANIS at Garden Motel in an interview in Lusaka today after the official opening of the Lusaka Province MMD Conference, Mr. Keemba vowed that even if Southern Province was the strong hold of the United Party for National Development (UPND), he and his team were fully geared to go full throttle to convince the people in the region to support the MMD.

Mr. Keemba said it was detrimental for the people of Southern Province to always belong to the opposition for a long time, saying it was now high time the people of the province thought of joining the ruling party.

He further said, he would persuade the people of Southern Province to support President Banda’s leadership, for the province to benefit fully from the programs unfolding in the province.

“Southern Province cant remain permanently a spectator. I will work hard to convince the people there to support President Banda in the fourth coming tripartite elections”,said Mr Keemba.

Mr. Keemba said he was going to talk to all the traditional leaders in the province to find the way forward with regard to supporting President Banda.


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