It’s difficult for PF

It’s difficult for PF

By Laura Miti

It is quite clear that this has been a difficult campaign period for the PF.

It would seem that the ruling party genuinely did not understand how hard life has become for ordinary Zambians.

I think they also did not quite process how upsetting for citizens the accumulation of inordinate wealth by leaders has been.

Party leaders also failed to read how painful the denial of opportunity to anyone not connected to the party, is for the everyday person on the street.

So, yes, political miscalculations were made in the last 10 years that have translated into a 2021 campaign in which citizens are considerably resentful.

Potential voters are therefore not dancing as readily to PF songs – real and metaphorical.

That’s an understandably tough situation for the ruling party campaign.

What I would like to say to President Lungu and the PF leaders about the prickly corner they find themselves in is that, all you have done wrong, so far, can be forgiven.

All your economic and political injuries to the nation, can also, with a bit of effort, be corrected.

Annoying as your super levels of self-interest and divorce from the reality of the majority have been, they will be but a chapter in history and academic books, if as a nation we make a few difficult but necessary choices

Simply, the PF has sinned gravely against Zambia, yes, but with retrievable consequences.

The tribalism thing the party has resorted to in desperation in this campaign is, however, a different story.

I would like to say to the President and his campaign that this carefully planned and executed division of country will be a dark irremovable stain on this administration, with possible far reaching consequences.

I am sure you understand very well that deliberately sowing seeds of tribal hate and division as a political strategy, like you are doing,
can potentially breakup the country.

Like Hitler and the Rwandan Hutu government did, the PF is teaching deep hatred of sections of the country where no conflict exists.

It is a hatred which has no antidote when it takes root because it has no basis, but selfish intention.

Now, as history frightfully shows us, the consequences of baselessly taught hatred are always dire.

Blood flows in ways which cannot be easily stopped because the source of the deluge is a black hole. The source is a hatred carefully constructed on no foundation.

President Lungu and PF, you must, in simple terms stop this madness while you can.

By the way, look at the man who is the face of the party tribal campaign.

Chishimba Kambwili????????‍♀️!

The man’s politics are nasty. He is untrustworthy. A coward, mindlessly scared of the consequences of his own actions. Willing to poison the well a whole village drinks from. To destroy a beautiful nation to save his hide.

Is this the man you will use to destroy our Zambia??

Let me end by reiterating that this tribalism which stems from the current EL – HH rivalry is no longer about the two men.

What the PF is doing as a campaign strategy of last resort could be paid for by innocent Zambians, long after both men are dust – politically or literally.

This is burning a house down because two siblings could not agree on who gets the skopo of the bread.

As for you Mr Kambwili gosh, what does one say to an individual like you?

Could your politics be more disgusting and your motivations more cowardly?

Could Zambia mean less to you?????

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