It’s expired Sata and Scott who should retire in national interest

By Nason Msoni
It is absurd for Sata and Guy Scott who are both old and tired at the helm of government to be pushing-out youthful and productive young people into pre-mature retirement.
We think it is Sata and Guy Scott who should be retired as they are long past their sale-date and useful shelf life as far as public service is concerned. We think these two are a liability to the treasury and to the well-being of the country. We also think Alexander Chikwanda should also follow suit respectively.
We urge Sata and Guy Scott to honorably retire from Public service and make way for more energetic and productive leaders to assume their respective roles.
The removal and subsequent retirement of Emanuel Mwamba as Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Information and broadcasting raises more legitimate questions than answers.
We think his emotionally turbulent principal did not afford to give the man un-opportunity to exculpate himself as required by General Orders. As a civil servant he is entitled to the benefit of being heard. We think a man should never be fired or retired prematurely for doing a correct Job.
Political appointees are victims of a political witch hunt. No-one believes that approving a radio license which covers the country in line with their own policy position should earn a man un-instant sacking or removal after being verbally abused publicly and subsequently driven into retirement.
The decision to retireMwamba is rather harsh and emotionally peddled and lacking reasoning on the part of his principal.
Secretary to cabinet must always be alert to ensure that emotionally rushed decisions against his subordinates under his charge are thwarted by adequately counseling the emotionally turbulent political principal on the dangers of short-changed dismissals and appointments as these pile-up unnecessary pressures on the national treasury.
In our view Mwamba should have been afforded un-opportunity to exculpate himself against the allegations leveled against him before any punitive action is taken against him. The mere fact that he is a political appointee does not suffice for the kind of Jungle procedures employedhis principal which culminated into his unceremonious removal and retirement at a productive age.
Mr. Mwamba by all accounts was the most hard working PS among the pool of those incompetent permanent Secretaries appointed by Mr.Sata since assuming the role of Republican President. Mr.Mwamba also served as special assistant to the office of the second Republican President Fredrick Chiluba before being elevated and appointed as Permanent Secretary.
The argument advanced against granting licenses to radio stations intending to broadcast national-wide does not just make sense. Is it anticipated that those gallant citizens of this country who have opted to live in the rural parts of this country should be denied accurate and factual information? Access to information is a cornerstone of every functioning democracy.
The behavior exhibited by the President raises more questions especially that his government has been parroting about its commitment towards enacting the access to information bill or tabling it in parliament.
We think finally the musk of deceit has fallen off his face and his true colors are exposed.

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