Its fabrication for Chama and PF to lie that HH hates Bembas like me- Percy Chanda

PF have again been caught in another cobweb of lies and deceit like they have been doing since they came into office on many issues.

This time they want to create an impression that our party President Hakainde Hichilema hates Bembas like myself which is a total fabrication like they have done on many issues even those affecting people’s lives.

To the contrary, we Bembas in UPND are more than happy with the entire leadership of the party including that of our party President Mr. Hichilema who we have very good and cordial working relationship with.

Clearly the PF are now envious and jealous of our party that has grown tremendously and accommodated people from all corners of the country including areas where the tribally inclined PF thought they enjoyed monopoly of support.

Davies Chama and his likes have no place in modern Zambia with their archaic politics of wanting to keep diverting people’s attention from real issues affecting our people such as unemployment, job loses and lack of job opportunities for our people, especially the youths, high cost of living, high cost of electricity and fertilizer for farmers etc.

Chama and his likes in the PF really belong to the dustbin of politics as people have moved on in modern Zambia going by the intermarriages and people’s settlements in any area of their choice.

Just a reminder, it’s the same PF who once caused alarm in the nation by concocting what they claimed “Tongas under oath” and launched a smear campaign against the UPND leadership with claims of an investigation that never materialised to date.

We call on Zambians to ignore the latest scheme by Davies Chama and his PF gang of liars that are bent on dividing our peaceful and united people.

It will not surprise anyone that for the first time Zambia will send people like President Lungu , Chama and others to the Hague for crimes against humanity after the 2016 general Elections if they continue setting the people of Zambia against each other. Never before has this Country witnessed such kind of careless and cruel leaders like the PF Government.

It’s the people of Zambia and not a tribe who has decided to ditch PF in preference to UPND and no amount of intimidation will change this fact. But be warned the World is watching you. They say “even walls have ears”.

Percy Chanda

UPND National Management Committee member and Chairman for Labour and Social Security

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