Sata’s latest lunacy at State House

President Michael Sata this morning caused confusion at State House when he swore in new Home Affairs Minister Dr. Ngosa Syambikula.

Just after swearing in his new minister, Sata  asked people who attended the ceremony ” where is Chishimba Kambwili. He is in Mpika doing what? and I’m not even aware of that. I wish he was here because he says Hon Ngosa Syambikula can not make a good Minister”

Sata said this after he was told that Kambwili was in Mpika dishing out youth empowerment cheques.

Apparently Sata is not aware. After this Sata went straight to attack Home Affairs Deputy Minister Afreedah Kansembe and said ” You I’m told you want to resign you can go ahead but you should know that you joined politics alone and you should also know that Hon Syambikula worked had for this job he deserves it” Sata said amidst signs of amusement from several people who attended the swearing ceremony.

How will the new Home Affairs Minister relate with Chishimba Kambwili let alone his deputy Afreedah Kansembe whose office is just next to Ngosa Syambikula?

One of the people who attended the swearing ceremony had this to say ” I think it is about time Members of Parliament called for a Medical Board to examine the mental stability of the President. He showed serious signs of madness”.

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