It’s folly to expect Edgar Lungu to fight corruption – William Banda

IT is folly to expect President Edgar Lungu to fight corruption because he is working with some MMD officials who had been convicted of corruption in the past, says William Banda. Banda, who is UPND presidential advisor, said President Lungu was prepared to shield corrupt individuals as long as it suited him.

“There is too much retribution by PF. And please don’t expect President Lungu to fight corruption; PF will never fight corruption because they have set the highest standard in terms of encouraging corruption which president [Michael] Sata was determined to fight. PF has teamed up with MMD and it’s the same PF that called MMD corrupt, so what are they looking for in MMD if it’s not corruption?” he wondered.

Banda said PF under President Lungu had departed from its original stance to fight corruption. “PF was strong under president Sata and he made sure he started fighting corruption.

Now those that have taken over are betraying him and his vision, but very soon they will be exposed that they are corrupt together with their incorrigible character,” he said. Banda also urged the PF to treat former government officials like Ashwell Kampengele with respect.  He said this after Kampengele’s court case was adjourned to this month for defence. “Be strong mwana [Kampengele], you were a governor and I was a governor too, but we are being treated like commoners. They will need you next year, nipafupi (it’s near). They are quick in arresting us and they delay to prosecute us in court,” said Banda who walked hand-in-hand with the former Lusaka district commissioner, who is in court for using insulting language. – See more at:

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