It’s foolish for Lungu to abuse resources amid poverty – Kasonde

It’s foolish for Lungu to abuse resources amid poverty – Kasonde

Edgar Lungu is abusing public funds with impunity, says Zambia Action for Young Leaders coordinator Bernard Kasonde.

On Friday, Lungu opted to use the presidential chopper from State House to Mulungushi International Conference Centre where he attended a Zambia National Farmers Union annual congress.

But Kasonde said PF president Lungu should start to think about the poor Zambians.

“Mr Lungu should reduce on his luxurious life. He should know that he is in State House to serve the people and not to live a luxurious life. It is now becoming foolish for him to abuse public funds with impunity,”

Kasonde said.

“Has the President not enjoyed enough planes and flying about? How many international trips has he made? Mr Lungu needs to be serious with governance. This Mr Lungu does not care about the Zambian people.”

He said Zambians should document all the abuses of public funds by President Lungu’s government. Kasonde said President Lungu would soon start using a chopper to move within State House. And Kasonde said it was a shame that the PF had neglected the education sector.

“Look at the increase in tuition fees at UNZA! Is this what they promised our young people? Now education is for the rich, but the PF claim to be a party of the poor. The same people they are denying an education today will rise against them,”

said Kasonde.

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