It’s God who stopped PF’s Bill 10 rubbish – Kalaba


By Agness Changala-Katongo

Harry Kalaba says God has stood in the way of the PF to have convened Parliament just to pass Bill 10.

And Kalaba said Health minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya should stay away from announcing COVID-19 results and instead concentrate on his court case.

Speaking with Daily Revelation on the announcement that 15 members of Parliament have tested positive to COVID 19, Kalaba the Democratic Party president said God does not want to deal with rubbish.

“Yes they had Bill 10 to convene Parliament but God has stood in their way. God doesn’t want to deal with rubbish,” Kalaba said.

He added that it was sad that two memebers of Parliament died due to greedy and selfishness.

“That’s why it’s sad we have lost Rodgers Mwewa (PF Mwansabombwe Member of Parliament) and Mwenya Mukonge (Independent member of Parliament for Lukashya Constituency) all because of greed and selfishness. Those two members of Parliament would not have died had Parliament been not summoned to come and play politics,” he said.

Kalaba said Parliament had now been degraded just to play politics insisting that there was no need to convene.

He said there were school children in non examination classes who were not able to go to school because of the situation the country was in, wondering why Parliament had to go ahead.

“From where I stand and as Democratic Party, I can tell you there was no need to have summoned Parliament just to consider committee Reports. We have lost lives as a result of negligence by the authorities,” Kalaba said.

He said there was no compelling reason because this time around, Parliament was all about considering the Committee Reports.

He said the country was in extra ordinary times yet typical of the PF government, they were politicizing everything.

Kalaba said even the announcement on the 15 memebers of Parliament was political because on one hand they were telling the nation of those infected and at the same time said there was no money to fight the pandemic.

He described the maneuvers as rubbish.

And Kalaba said peope are tired of watching Dr Chilufya giving updates instead of concentrating on his court cases.

“Dr Chitalu Chilufya should stay away from announcing COVID-19 results. We don’t need him to announce. Let him concentrate on his court cases. Right now as things stand, we want him to concentrate on his court cases so that he can exnorate himself. Let him leave the technocrats and permanent secretaries and other experts to do that job” Kalaba said.

He added that Dr Chilufya is making people lose interest in the COVID-19 results and making it a mockery due to his compromised moral standing in society.

“There is no moral standing. Let him give us space. We don’t want to be prejudicial but leave it to the technocrats. He is making it a mockery,” said Kalaba.

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