It’s hard to create jobs -ZCCZ

Zambia-China Economic and Trade Co-operation Zone (ZCCZ) manager of investment promotion Jason Lin s says it is hard to create job opportunities for the locals as attracting foreign investors in the newly created Lusaka South Multi Facility Economic Zone (LS-MFEZ) has become a challenge.

Mr. Lin mentioned inadequate power supply as a major investment hindrance in driving industries at the LS-MFEZ. He further charged that despite attracting a number of investors since its inception, but none of the potential investors had expressed interest in investing in the economic zone after learning about inadequate power supply in the economic zone.

Speaking during the just-ended Zambia International Investment Forum (ZIIF), Mr. Lin disclosed that in 2015, 10 investors from the United Kingdom, South Africa and China regrettably had to turn down the interest because there isn’t enough power supply to drive industries in the area.
He further called on the government of Zambia to intervene and invest heavily in this sector because ZCCZ is a private company that has limited capacity to address the problem without intervention of both the Chinese and Zambian governments.

Currently, only the brewaries project belonging to Zambia Breweries Limited (Sab Miller) is the only visible investment witnessed in the LS-MFEZ area, the rest is a bush.

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