It’s immoral for Lungu to increase his salary – FDD


It is immoral and callous for President Edgar Lungu to increase his salary when his Government has refused to effect an upward salary adjustment for public service workers despite the rising cost of living, the depreciation of the Kwacha and high inflation rates.

There is absolutely no justifiable reason for Mr Lungu to increase his salary because everything that the President uses, from a handkerchief to Jameson is fully paid for by us the taxpayers. There is no expense that the President bores, as every good and service for him and his next of kin is fully paid for by the Zambian people.
The only motivation behind this very insensitive increment is greed. Mr Lungu has a selfish bambazonke attitude towards national issues. He wants everything for himself and nothing for others. He is preparing a fat retirement package for himself because he knows that he will be entitled to 80% of this salary once he is out of office.
We strongly beseech the President to listen to his conscience, that is if he has any and immeadiately annul this immoral increment. He should instead allocate that excess money to other needy areas such as education where primary schools get a paltry ZMW1500 per year as allocation for operations.
The President has to realise that we hold public office not for self aggrandisement but for public service. We are in politics not to enrich ourselves but to enrich the lives of millions of zambians in whose trust we preside over the affairs of the State. Those in public office are stewards who should administer public affairs with love, honesty, prudence and personal sacrifice. Let us stop this callous and immoral culture of using power for personal gain.

Issued by Antonio Mwanza, FDD Spokesperson.

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