It’s impossible for the PF to win August elections

It’s impossible for the PF to win August elections



As we speak now, 80% of the PF membership are fully convinced that its almost impossible to win under President Lungu. The Saboi faction had hope that CK was going to be running mate to President Lungu but was duped at last. Iam happy to receive all those who were given a fake hope that once CK becomes running mate then things will be okey for the NDC aspiring candidates. I feel sad for the brothers and sisters standing on the NDC because the Saboi faction, out of selfishness, privately went to bed with the enemies of NDC. The announcement to support the PF has injured all NDC aspiring candidates as we speak.

Iam excited to mention that after having meetings with the NDC leadership from the Saboi faction, they have all resolved to rally behind President Hakainde Hichilema in this coming election.

Let me say that we feel sad for the PF because almost all their strongholds have been infiltrated by the opposition. It is total madness for the PF to think that they can have more than 50% in Lusaka and Copperbelt. Luapula has already been damaged by the likes of DP, NDC and UPND. We appreciate the fact that they can have 30% in luapula and Northern but be rest assured that the UPND Alliance will put up a very good fight in terms of margins. Its exciting to reveal that all the UPND strongholds are 120% intact. We are not panicking because things are speaking for themselves. Copperbelt, lusaka, Northern, Muchinga Provinces are critical because the PF has lost control. The more money in the pockets, job creation and lower taxes promise has not worked for the Zambian people. Instead prices of goods have sky rocked to abnormal levels. Everyone including the PF themselves are feeling the economic pinch. The people feel that giving PF another chance will be too risky.

We are more than ready to protect our vote because the PF can only win by using the system and not a

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