It’s just a PF lie: Cabinet has not approved reintroducing a national airline

It’s just a PF lie: Cabinet has not approved reintroducing a national airline

After three years of yapping about reintroducing a national airline, Transport and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga now says cabinet has not even approved the ‘decision’.

If cabinet has not yet approved it, is it a decision or mere suggestion?

When we say PF is run by dunderheads and school leavers, some PF followers take it personal.

Mukanga Yanfwa

Mukanga Yanfwa

In May 2013, the PF regime told Bloomberg, an international media, that Zambia was in talks with three airlines about taking an equity stake in its new national carrier Air Zambia Ltd.

“We are 60 percent advanced in all our preparations,” Muyenga Atanga, permanent secretary at the Ministry of Transport Works, Supply and Communications, said in an interview yesterday in Lusaka, the capital. “We are quite confident that before the end of the year [2013] we should have a national airline.”

It was just another PF lie where an official can just stand and start speaking from the blues about anything.

In March 2014, Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga told the country that Government had set 30th June 2014 as the deadline for finalizing the re-introduction of a national airline.

At huge cost to tax payers, government even sent a delegation to Qatar to consult on how that country could help Zambia set up a national airline. Government also set up a technical committee for the same purpose and at huge cost.

Yet today, Mukanga says cabinet has not yet approved the ‘decision’ to set up an airline.

This is the type of leadership and wasteful way of doing things that the PF has subjected Zambians to.


Every normal person would know that the first thing Mukanga should have sought was cabinet approval. As things stand, the whole thing is just an idea by Mukanga. But it is wasteful idea because government has already spent huge sums of money on it, sending people to Qatar, paying members of the technical committee etc… We understand that Mukanga and his friends have even secretly recruited staff to work in the new airline?

What will happen if cabinet rejects the proposal especially that it seems that it is only Mukanga who has been yapping about it? What will Mukanga tell those airlines they have approached to buy shares? How do you start selling shares in a company before approval?

No wonder, even by PF standards, Mukanga is considered chipuba – that is what president Michael Sata called him.








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