It’s Simon Kabanda and Calen Chisha (Twice) who engineered the ZAM fraud

Mr Simon Kabanda of the Constitutution Review Commission (Techincal Committee Reviewing Constituion) was behind all the meditated fraud that occured at ZAM.
Mr. Kabanda composed eight track music album on the constitutional awareness from which he was to isolate two songs that he would impose on the ZAM compilation album and was to be paid K 9 000 000 for his imposed contribution. Secondly, the K 71 000 000 ZAM budget that was  submitted to CRC was compiled by Callen Chisha (Twice) without consulting any ZAM executrive member and Mr. Kabanda never correcetd that.
Mr Chisha(Twice) received two cheques ( one for K 35 milllion and another for K 36 million) totalling K 71 000 000 which he deposited in the ZAM account without informing anyone in our committee nor even the other three partcipaints that were nominated by ZAM.
There after he wrote withdrawal authority letters and then enticed our treasurer, Chembe Mkonsha(MC Wabwino) to sign and he withdrew the money.
He paid Moses Sakala, K 27 miliion for the theme song on the constitution and kept the rest for the compilation album which was not communicated to ZAM.
It seems Mr. Chisha (Twice) and Mr. Michael Zulu are not in good working relationship and hence ZULU was avoided and yet he is the chairman who should have signed. Mr. Chisha is the Secretary general of ZAM and was the most senior person of all the four nominated to attend the CRC meeting on behalf of ZAM.
There after, Mr. Chisha paid K 8, 000, 000 to Brian Chilala, K 8, 000,  000 to Nasty D and K 8, 000, 000 to himself.
Out Of all the four ZAM nominees that attended the CRC workshop, only Dr. Edify Hamukale was not paid because he had requested to be replaced two weeks earlier due to his pressing proffesional duties.
Infact Edify Hamukale was not even aware of the funds availability  and was not present when we had our last but one meeting on a Tuesday. It was unfortunate that the truth was not told. We all know how straight foward Hamukale is. Even the police were told during investigations that Hamukale did not get any money and the whole executive knows that.
 Chisha, however, is the main player and culprit together with Simon Kabanda. We dont care how senior he is at CRC. These must be investigated thouroughly and these are the two that caused ZAM embarrasment.
Although Brian Chilala and Nasty D received payment, the main culprit in the ZAM executive was Callen Chisha (Twice) for failing to commuinicate and for withdrawing money secretely and paying out secretely. May the law take its course and this way justice will prevail.
 NB: please dont mention my name.

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