It’s Kambwili who is abusing his wife – GBM

UPND running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says he is a better husband than Kambwili whom he claimed has dumped his wife in London.

“I have been with my wife for forty years but Kambwili has failed to maintain his wife, so how can he claim that I am abusing my wife? His wife is in London; why can’t he bring her back if he surely loves her? I love my wife and children that is why they are always with me,” said GBM.

“I have been to London and met his [Kambwili’s] wife. I am sure she is also wondering why her husband doesn’t want her to come back and live with him here. There must be something wrong with Kambwili that the Zambian people should ask because I am sure the wife would have loved to enjoy that ministerial lifestyle with him.”

And GBM says Kambwili and all the other PF ministers must now start preparing to account for all the money they have stolen from government, says Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

Reacting to Kambwili, who on Sunday charged that the UPND had picked ichisoso (trash) for a running mate, GBM said the information minister, was a copper thief who should be prepared to account for his deeds after the elections.

“Kambwili was just a copper thief and a rail slipper thief, but I have a track record of being successful at whatever I do. That foolish Kambwili was not even near the campaign team which was strategizing with the late Michael Sata on how to win the 2011 election. I am the one who put the PF where it is today. But time is up for him and his fellow ministers,” GBM said.

“I know he is worried about what he has stolen from government and I wish to remind him that he will account for whatever he has stolen after August 11. I know he is dead scared of PF losing, and he is right because we are coming for him and his fellow ministers who have stolen. So tell Kambwili to just get ready to go to Kamfinsa Prison if he is guilty of stealing from government because we shall not let him free. They all have to account for the money that they have stolen from the Zambian people.”

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