It’s Membe who has told more lies and deserving proper curse


Fred Membe is a cunning characters who is very swift at identifying the lies from others and forgetting and hiding his pockets full of lies, slander and deception which have lingered in him for a long time. As such Fred Membe has become both a professional and international liar capable of twisting the lie to appear like truth and otherwise.

Mr. Membe is such a craft guy that can originate and generate a strange lie which can sound appealing and truthful to the readers by even quoting some unknown sources that in reality have never existed. The worst part is that Fred can obscure the real truth about a certain happening because it touches him and his fellow minions.

They have been accusing Zambia Watchdog and other genuine media organizations of peddling lies about them and the PF government, but when the truth comes out, they become quite instead of coming out in open that they were trying to block the truth.

Recently, the whole lot of the Fred Membe and his crooked counterpart, Mtembo Nchito, were on Hakainde Hichilema trying to define the so called lies from him (which we are waiting to prove them later), on how PF wants to send youths to train as militia men in Sudan. I can’t say this is not true as we still have to wait for some time for proof. The truth will surely come out one day. Let us wait and see.

But we ask ourselves these Questions. Why choosing a war torn Sudan to send PF youths for further education when we have several peaceful countries from where these Zambians can be educated.

Why choosing to enter into the Memorandum of Understanding with Sudan and Al-Bashir to have some of our youths be trained in different skills in Sudan? What are those skills which Sudanese have which no other countries have including Zimbabwe which has come to be a very strong ally of Sata? Don’t these include military skills?

This issue really raises suspicion. You know even during Kaunda era that there were certain special men with special skills acquired from some former communist countries to propel the one-party state agenda and to execute anyone against the state secretly. At that time suspicion rose on why the government was sending youths to be trained in that communist country. But since that time information was made deliberately scarce, very few knew these facts and so the one party state scheme was successfully implemented for many years with the help of this highly skilled office of the President (OP).

I am seeing this coming back to Zambia with the help of some skilled youths highly trained in those execution skills acquired from different countries to deal with the opposition and anyone against the state just as how Mugabe used to deal with opposition political parties. Find out why Zambian government seems to have no problems making deals with Al-Bashir of Sudan who went flat-out killing the opposition members and Southern Sudan’s people with the help of highly skilled secret soldiers and police. Why is Zambian government finding no problems with Mugabe who has been killing the opposition members ruthlessly?

You know what, all this is known by Fred Membe, but now that they are colleagues in this scheme, he is very quite.

So it is too early to say HH cheated on training of militia in Sudan, but we know what the post and Fred Membe cheated hence liable for a curse.

Zambians do remember the open lie by the Post on Rupiah Banda recently, when Membe claimed that Rupiah pleaded with Sata not to send him to jail because he was too old. The post quoted false sources that Banda met Sata in presence of GBM, Sakeni and others to convince him not to send him (Banda) to jail. This story was even used in the editorial comment by Membe…However the state house, Membe’s allies refuted the claim and further rubbished it as false. The Post newspaper couldn’t even publish the statement by the state house in refuting the false claims by Fred Membe.(READ THE QUOTE BELOW BY GOVERNMENT MOUTH PIECE ZNBC IN PROVING THE THAT MEMBE IS A LIAR ON 21/02/2012)

STATE HOUSE has refuted the headline story that appeared in todays edition of The Post newspaper alleging that President Michael Sata, held a private meeting with former president Rupiah Bwezani Banda after a luncheon hosted in honour of the Chipolopolo Boys last Tuesday.

State House is concerned that the newspaper went as far as basing their editorial comment on a story that has turned out to be untrue.

State House says it unfortunate and injurious to the persons accused and therefore an appropriate retraction is required.

According to President Sata’s special assistant for press and public relations George Chellar the Head of State has never held any private talks with Mr Banda or indeed anyone to discuss his immunity or any matters related to the on-going investigations on corruption against some members of the previous regime.

The Post Newspapers in its Tuesday February 21st edition quotes well-placed sources alleging that President Sata, in the company of Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba, Home Affairs Minister Kennedy Sakeni and his deputy Obvious Mwaliteta, met Mr Banda who they claim pleaded with the President not to send him to jail because he was too old.(END OF QUOTE)

Now who is supposed to be cursed, the one whose claims are yet to be proved or already proved and dispelled with impunity?

Further, do you recall when Membe’s post showed a house from new Kasama in Lusaka that it was built by Rupiah Banda when the house is being rented for him by the government? The Zambian government is renting a house for the former head of state but the Fred Membe twisted it to convince especially gullible Zambians that it was Rupiah’s newly built house. But this Fredrick Mumembe knew the fact that the house was rented by the government, but chose to tell a serious lie to increase the demand for his paper stocks.

Besides, do you remember when Membe claimed that 136,000 dollars went missing in RB’s bedroom and went further in the following day’s paper, to claim that the case was reported at Woodland Police station and the Inspector General of Police was phoned about the incidence. To spice up the high profile lie, Fred Membe claimed that the police who went to check for the missing cash at RB’s house were stopped by Thandiwe at the house.

But later the Inspector general of police refuted the claims and asked the post to retract the false story.Further, it came out clear that the post were actually cheating after Zambian watchdog and other genuine online media showed that Thandiwe whom the post claimed to have stopped police from entering the house, had not actually returned from the USA.At that point the Post and Fred Membe were shown to be extreme liars of 21st Century.

Finally, it is clear that it is Fred Membe who is a liar and lives by lies and he wants to survive by lies. He is full of deceit and he wants to grow his business by deceiving people. Thus he can team up with his fellow crooks and go to DBZ, get a loan and later refuse to pay back, and even use further lies to try to jump out of the hook of his own misdeeds.

Membe doesn’t need to be cursed, for he is a curse himself. The old man Fred Membe is surely not only cursed but he is a curse and anyone who gets close to him receives the curses. He uses all the tactics applied by Satan, the Devil to deceive this Zambian generation.

Zambians be on the lookout for this deceitful character that has become an icon of the lies.


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