It’s Minister Kaingu who has pornographic mind – NGOCC

It’s Minister Kaingu who has pornographic mind – NGOCC

Kaingu's daughter Iris

Kaingu’s daughter Iris

NGOCC board chairperson Sarah Longwe says education minister Michael Kaingu is attaching a pornographic interpretation to normal cultural dances that pupils have adopted in schools. Education minister Michael Kaingu has suggested that the Lozi dance, which mainly involves shaking of shoulders by women and girls, be adopted by all schools so as to get rid of seductive cultural dances, which according to him lead to early marriages.  But Longwe in an interview said it was pornographic for Kaingu and any other elderly men to add sexual connotations to normal traditional dances. “People are adopting animal instincts because of excuses like that. Blaming the little children and not the big people who, instead of looking at a normal dance, they start to put in sexual connotations.

They are the ones who are pornographic and not the children. He [Kaingu] is being pornographic,” Longwe said. And Longwe said Kaingu had no right to choose for Zambians which tribal dance schools should embrace, adding that Zambia was a country with diverse culture and tradition. “He cannot choose for people; what mandate has he got to choose for people by saying this traditional dance is better than this and that? It’s for the people to decide. People have been dancing the way they dance since time immemorial and it never caused any early marriages, so what is he talking about?” she wondered. “Since he is a doctor, has he done a research to show that cultural dances are the cause of early marriages? Since he has a doctorate and he studied cultural studies as he says, has he got empirical evidence to show? He is behaving like missionaries who came and started putting satanic interpretations in some things which were not even satanic at all, like traditional medicine which was keeping people alive, they came and said,

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 17.15.03 ‘No, that is poison’.” Longwe also accused Kaingu of being dictatorial in the manner he was handling the matter. “This is being dictatorial; he should go round and consult the people [on] what dances they want and things like that and then make a legal pronouncement in the right way; not an individual choosing that this dance is better than that one, that is becoming dictatorial and being tribal,” Longwe said. “So he is just giving rapists and defilers ground for them to continue abusing the children. He should go round and do a referendum on it to find out exactly and bring the research which really pinpoints that. Otherwise, this is as good as blaming the victim and accusing the children that it is their fault because they are the ones who are enticing these men to defile them.” Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Livingstone district commissioner Omar Munsanje, Dr Kaingu said eliminating suggestive dancing in schools would help curb early marriages. “We will not encourage suggestive dances, those that are focused on the waist and the swinging of the lower bodies. I think we would want our children to borrow, at least borrow one dance in Zambia and that is the Lozi dance that uses the shoulders, while they are still in school and after that, they can dance in whichever way they want to dance,” said Dr Kaingu. – See more at:

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