It’s Mukanga not me who stole money – Chitotela

It’s Mukanga not me who stole money – Chitotela

Infrastructure Minister Ronald Chitotela has washed his hands over the corrupt activities at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and has since implicated Former Works and Supply Minister Yamfwa Mukanga and his former Counterpart at Finance Alexander Chikwanda.

Sources at the Anti Corruption Commission have disclosed. According to Mr. Chitotela, the corrupt deal that involved the reduction of the original Bill of Quantity (BOQ) and the increase in the cost was facilitated by Mr. Yamfwa Mukanga and Mr. Chikwanda whose Son Bwembya was heavily involved in the initial stages of the contract

“The information we have is that Mr. Chitotela says the KK deal was handled by Mr. Mukanga and Mr. Chikwanda way before Mr. Chitotela was appointed Minister of Works and Supply. We are just trying to put documentation together before we summon the two,” one source said.

According to investigations, The KK International Airport initial plan was artered and reduced meanwhile increasing the price from US360 million to US380 million. The original plan that was designed by Zulu Burrow, M and M Architects and Alsphalt Roads indicated six departure and arrival lounges but the current construction phase indicate only four.

The Airport Hotel and Shopling Mall has had there room space also reduced. The construction works are being undertaken by a Chinese Company called China Jianxhi.

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