Its Nkandu Luo promoting anarchy

Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo says some section of the media promote anarchy, but fails to identify the section of the media.

We know she is talking about ZWD. Which Minister in this Power Failure (PF) government has not talked about us?

But we love the fact that Luo is one of our avid followers.

But we have a few questions for her. We have questions for Nkandu Luo and if she did not get her PHD through leakages and bottom power, then she will simply answer us.

Was it anarchy when the Zambian Watchdog reported that she and President Michael Sata wanted to install her brother Bob Luo now Chief Chibesakunda as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu? Don’t we now have problems over that issue? Where was that issues first reported if not right here?

Is it anarchy when we disclose that Nkandu Luo had to go to bed (have sex) with a number of investigators when she was being investigated for plunder of ICASA conference funds?

Is it anarchy when we disclose that Nkandu Luo stole US$ 500,000 from China Non Ferous Metals in Chambishi Copperbelt when she pretended that she was going to run an HIV/AIDS intervention programme but ended up encouraging the spread of AIDS by sleeping (having sex) with a number of Chinese bosses beofre abandoning the project?

Is it anarchy when someone reports that Nkandu Luo’s young sister Mable Mun’gomba plundered money at the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) when she served as Director General by giving his nephew public money to acquire buses under Mwame bus services that operated the Lusaka Mpunlungu road?

Is it anarchy to report that she is protecting her sister from prosecution? We are aware that Mable now is ‘chewing’ big time from Zamtel contracts as a Branding consultant through Nkandu.

Nkandu, we do not want to bring in an innocent person in this topic. Do you want us to tell the nation why you had problems with your former husband Dr.Francis Manda?

Why did your fellow  Nyakyusa guy by the name of Michael Chilufya Sata move you from Ministry of Local Government and created a very junior cabinet position of Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs for you?


We know the truth. You telephoned a friend in the UK and said ” Come back to Zambia and I will find you a good job. We have a very dull and foolish President”.

But you did not know that the Shushushus were recording you. And that is why you almost resigned. But you realised that you can’t survive without a government job despite claiming to be a professor.

By the way, is it anarchy when the media reports that you were chased in Mtendere compound your own constituency?

We know the person who used to write your course work when you were studying in UK but we do not want to drag in the mud the name of the old man.

We are also aware of how corruptly your aunty Lombe Chibesakunda (acting chief justice) awarded you a scholarship to study in UK when she was a diplomat in London when you did not deserve or qualify. In short, your educational qualifications are questionable.

Nkandu! You are a typical example of anarchy. How can a Professor be the most junior cabinet minister?



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