‘It’s now clear Sata is not presidential Material’

The conduct and the dismal performance of president Sata has vindicated all past Zambian Presidents who had earlier claimed that the man was unsuitable to hold the highest office in the land as state President. It was easy then to dismiss this as un assertion peddled by doomsayers trying to prevent him from ascending to the presidency.
It is now obvious that these esteemed leaders with hind-sight clearly did see what we did not see in President Sata. How on this earth can someone explain a situation where a State president with all the apparatus and costs that go with that office travels to a grounds breaking ceremony in northern province and western province then without any indication suddenly decides to board back the plane to lusaka leaving guests bewildered and shocked even before the events started. These are but just the few of the many blunders carried-out by our esteemed President in the last few months.
Since ascending to the presidency he has failed to articulate a clear vision where this government is headed to in terms of the economy and his policy. In short we have no clear vision where we are going but what is true is that the country is taking giant steps backwards.
The fiasco at Zambia railways clearly points to a deficiency in his management style of doing things. The board members should have interviewed the prospective candidates for the position of CEO. The appointment of permanent secretaries and ministers sitting on the same boards under the same ministries which they supervise is wrong and a catalyst to abetting corruption. Rather than taking credit for dismissing the CEO ,The President should take responsibly for the loss tax payers have incurred due to his gross incompetency.

Nason Msoni

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