It’s not normal to have sex everyday – Dr Manda

Urologist Dr Francis Manda says the Zambian society is getting sexualholic.

And Dr Manda says it is not good for men to be pursuing higher libido levels.

Dr Manda said it was not normal for any human being to demand sexual intercourse every day.

“There are so many issues which would like your attention on this earth and especially in Zambia. We have a lot of problems in Zambia where your attention as an individual is needed,” Dr Manda said yesterday during the Radio Four Manzi Valley Radio programme.

“Sex is not the only thing. Take a novel…start cultivating yourself that sense of reading. Try to be writing something. Preoccupy yourself with something at home. Repair something in that home instead of thinking about sex all the time.

This nation is getting sexualholic; everywhere you go, the talk is just about sex, sex, sex….starting from the age of 16, even in the villages starting from the age of 12; it is just sex.”
Dr Manda said too much sex was counter-productive.

“Is our development going to hinge on sex? Is Zambia going to develop on sex? No! Let’s be serious as a nation,” he said. “The normal sexual life of any human being should be two to three times per week. That is the normal.”

Dr Manda said the high quantum of energy levels that were summoned in a sexual session took a toll on the bodies of the partners.

“But if it is every day…look at what that sex is doing to your general wellbeing,” Dr Manda said.

“You are looking even frail. Look at what you are doing to your partner. You have become a sexual maniac. You are not manufactured by God to be a sex machine. I know the late James Brown sang a song ‘say it loud, I am black and proud’. If you have that problem which can be a psychic problem, we can assist you. Come to the hospital so that you are assisted from being a sexual maniac.”

He said in his opinion, the trend is that Zambians are more preoccupied with sex than other developmental programmes.

And Dr Manda said high libido levels among men was not good as it could lead to risky behaviours.

“So, I will be better off to have low libido, keep to myself and forget about anything else because sex is not the only thing in this life,” said Dr Manda.

“There are a lot of things which can preoccupy you other than sex. Low libido, I will advise that you keep to that and we shouldn’t do anything at all to stimulate that low libido. Preoccupy yourself with other issues.”

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