It’s not possible to stop investigatory tribunal against Judge Nkonde

What is good for the Geese must be good for the gander. The case of the Post Newspapers and Judge Sunday Nkonde. We have said it before that what Lusaka Lawyer Lewis Mosho and State House in closing the Post Newspapers will one day backfire. It has actually started backfiring. For those who have been following this story with keen interest, here is what we mean. You may be aware that the Judicial Complaints Commission headed by Professor Mvunga has written to Edgar Lungu to constitute a tribunal to investigate Judge Sunday Nkonde’s role in the liquidation of the Post Newspapers by allowing the company to be liquidated without the owners being given an opportunity to be heard. It was granted exparte in legal terms. Infact Judge Nkonde was recommended to Edgar Lungu by Mosho to be appointed Judge specifically for this assignment. That is why we have always said we do not have parliament in Zambia. We have morons as Members of Parliament. We exposed this scheme even before parliament ratified the appointment of this crook.

Fred Mmembe lodged a complaint against Judge Nkonde with the JCC which last week recommended a tribunal to investigate Sunday Nkonde. Sunday Nkonde has since obtained a court order to halt the constituting of the tribunal. Here is what one very senior judge has explained to us on the implications of this development and why we say what is good for the geese must good for the gander and we quote ” What Judge Nkonde has done is to buy time because there is already a precedence set in the case of the Attorney General Versus Mutembo Nchito. When Edgar Lungu suspended Mutembo Nchito as Director of Public Prosecutions, Nchito obtained a number of orders to stop it up to the Supreme Court.

The court in it’s ruling said there was no way Nchito could stop the tribunal because it was investigatory. It is like Mr. A reporting to the Police saying Mr. B has stolen his vehicle and sold it. Mr. B then goes to court to stop the Police from investigating him saying until you know why I stole. This path Judge Nkonde has taken we have walked it before. This may be the first time a serving judge may go to jail. Judge Nkonde can not stop the tribunal” end of quote.

Now to make matters worse Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima may have intervened late in order to try to save the face of the judiciary. Mambilima has written to Judge Nkonde to recuse himself from the Post Newspapers court case and surrender the file to the Judge InCharge so that it is re-allocated. The letter has been copied to Dr. Fred Mmembe.

What The Chief Justice is trying to hide though late because we are already aware of is this. When someone wanta to be heard by the court like in this case Sunday Nkonde, he or she is supposed to file the documents with the Judge Incharge who in return allocates to a Judge. In this case Sunday Nkonde was supposed to file the documents with Judge Getrude Chawatama who is currently Judge in Charge in Lusaka.

Sunday Nkonde is also a Judge in Lusaka. However, being crooks who they are, Sunday Nkonde and Lewis Mosho ignored the Lusaka High Court and went all the way to Kitwe to get the stay or court order by passing the Kabwe High Court and Ndola High Court. The reason is simple. They went to a friendly corrupt Judge in Kitwe. Judge Isaac Tantameni Chali. Ireen Mambilima has noticed that this is suspicious hence the letter but she has been slow. The water has reached the neck.

The judiciary is already in tatters. So now enters ex convict Richard Sakala of the Daily Nation Newspapers. Sakala who now controls the Media Institute of Southern Africa through Helen Mwale has lined up a number of interviews with known hungry politicians including some chap called Tonga to call for the disbanding of the Judicial Complaints Commission. Look at this stupidity.

Why disband JCC now? Infact the Chairperson of the JCC Professor Patrick Mvunga is the Lawyer for Edgar Lungu and Rupiah Banda.


Wasn’t Mvunga the lead lawyer for Lungu during the Presidential petition? Wasn’t Mvunga the lead lawyer for Rupiah Banda during the Nigerian Oil deal trial? What Mvunga is trying to do is wash his hands. The liquidation of the Post Newspapers was done with ill content. To steal Mmembe’s properties which they have done. One will one day see the gates of Jail. Let us wait and see. See judgement refered to in the Mutembo Nchito case and letter from Chief Justice.

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