It’s not RB who told you to forge receipts MMD tells Mpombo

The Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) in Lusaka Province has told former Defense Minister George Mpombo to stop blaming former President Rupiah Banda for his nine months imprisonment because he is not the one who told him to forge hotel receipts. In a statement the Lusaka province party committee says it was the Auditor General report that highlighted the irregularities. The statement that seemingly mocks Mpombo says Rupiah Banda could not have advised Mpombo to write Luangwa Lodge on the receipt when he knows that there is only Luangwa House in Chipata. “Mpombo should just serve his jail term. Why blame RB? is it RB who advised him to forge receipts? RB comes from Eastern province and he knows that there is no Luangwa Lodge in Chipata but Luangwa House ba George went to forge a receipt claiming that he had lodged at Luangwa lodge. Surely even if it is hatred for Rupiah can you blame Rupiah for this? the statement reads in part.
The MMD provincial leadership has also advised Mr. Mpombo to consider serving the time than wasting time to appeal because the chances of him winning the appeal are slim.
“We advise him to serve. He is unlikely to win the appeal because the evidence was overwhelming including one from his own Aide De Camp (ADC) who testified that he was sent to create a fake receipt” the statement reads.
The statement said Mpombo campaigned with the PF in 2011 with the hope of his case being dropped but the PF has been in power for two years and his case was not dropped.
“Mpombo should actually blame the PF if he really wants to blame someone. He campaigned with them. They won the elections and President Sata appointed him Deputy Ambassador to Nigeria. He was recalled because the system discovered that he was a criminal so why blame Rupiah?
Mpombo was last week sentenced to nine months imprisonment for theft, uttering a false document and fraud. He is alleged to have uttered a fake receipt claiming he had lodged at Luangwa Lodge in Chipata when there is no Luangwa lodge but Luangwa House. After being sentenced he has been quoted several times in the PF mouthpiece the Post Newspapers blaming Rupiah Banda for his fate.

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