‘Its Rupiah Banda working on anti-Bemba project in PF’


I was working at State House during Mr Rupiah Bwezani Banda’s presidency so I know what is cooking. Rupiah Banda is almost achieving his dream of having any other tribe apart from Bemba rule Zambia.
Mr Banda spoke about this regularly. It started in early 2011 when current finance minister Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda (ABC) refused to back Mr Banda during the campaigns. ABC told Mr Banda to his face that he would back Mr Michael Sata. Mr Banda saw this as Bemba tribalism so he vowed to hit back. What Mr Banda does not say publicly is that he attributes his 2011 loss to Bemba tribalism. The Post newspaper in 2012 wrote a story about Mr Banda saying Bembas should not rule again after Sata.

The truth is that, after Sata’s death Mr Banda was ready to stand as candidate. If the PF had put a Bemba candidate, Mr Banda would have stood or would have strongly backed Hakainde Hichilema. But as luck would have it, the PF picked someone with a name from Eastern. That is the only reason Mr Banda backed PF. It accorded with his mission.
This project to purge Bembas from power is ongoing. You may not believe me but you will, in time. The project is spearheaded by Lucky Mulusa, the former MP for Solwezi and special assistant for projects at State House. President Edgar Lungu probably has a rough idea about this or he is actively involved.

The project is working smoothly and according to plan. Am surprised the Bemba think-tanks can’t see what is going. They have been made to see Hakainde Hichilema as their enemy when the enemy is working in their own belly. Look, at State house, there are two powerful officials, Lucky Mulusa and Kaizer Zulu. Amos Chanda does not even know what is going. He is just carrying bags for President Lungu. Decisions are made by Kaizer Zulu and Mulusa. Emmanuel Mwamba was strategically sent out of the country. Which Bemba person in PF is powerful today? You think by putting two Bembas as Secretaries general makes them powerful? Did we not see how weak that position is just recently? Those people can easily be removed by the president and have no real powers. Even if the president has to become incapacitated, the SGs are far from being contenders to the crown. Right now, Inonge Wina is much more powerful. She stands in very good position to take over from Lungu, thanks to Mulusa. But wait a minute, Inonge is not an MMD functionary, she, like Guy Scott can be sidelined and kicked out by the Rupiah Banda team. Just wait and see. Everything is falling in place.

Bembas are made to see PF as their party but clearly it is not. Rupiah Banda is fighting Bembas using PF. This might be hard to swallow but take you r time and see.
Recently, UPND vice president Richard Kapita resigned from his party to join PF. What the public was not told is that it was Mulusa who phoned Kapita to convince him that the anti-Bemba project is working well and he must jump in right now. Intercepted phone calls show that Kapita complained to Mulusa that HH was embracing Bembas and putting them ahead of him. Kapita was not happy that HH was working with MP Felix Mutati, Geoffrey Mwamba, Mucheleka and others. Infact, Kapita was not happy even about Canisisus Banda. So Mulusa simply told him the plan.
The country will remember how Michael Kaingu told the people of western province to ditch UPND because Felix Mutati would be vice-president and successor if HH wins the elections. Kaingu is Rupiah Banda’s man and it was Banda who told Edgar Lungu to appoint Kaingu minister of education.

I will be back.


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