Its now ‘no money in your pockets’, says HH

The Patriotic Front government has no capacity to run the Zambia Railway Systems, according to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

And Hichilema has condemned the manner in which PF revoked the concession of the railway systems without conducting a broader consultation saying the decree has the potential to frighten investment opportunities in the country.
The UPND leader said this Tuesday evening when he featured on a two-hour live-phone-in programme on Oblate Radio Liseli in Mongu.
He said the PF government has clearly failed the people of Zambia as it broke all the campaign promises such as creating jobs for young people within 90-days and more money in people’s pockets which has now become no money in peoples’ pockets.
He added that the PF went into government without a plan and that there is no protocol in its leadership.
Hichilema who received much support of the callers, further re-enforced his personal commitment to support issues to do with the Barotse Royal Establishment and said he is party of Barotseland.
Meanwhile, the UPND leader says there is no media freedom in the PF regime as government has threatened to close many media houses that offer divergent views on its style of governance accused the Post Newspaper of now becoming a newsletter in the PF government.
He said UPND is the next party to form government in Zambia hence the panicking by the PF government which has continued to lose popularity on daily basis.
Commenting further on the recent arrest of Barotse activists by police, Hichilema urged people of Western Province to team up and get good lawyers to preside on their case so that they can be released as they are entitled to bail adding that they did not commit any crime through the act of tearing the draft constitution booklets.
And featuring on the same programme, Senanga Central UPND Member of Parliament Likando Mufalali said Zambians will not be cheated by the PF’s fake promises.

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