Its OK for RB’s wife to distribute cash-Siliya

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy, MMD, has defended First Lady, Thandiwe Banda, for distributing millions of kwacha to Women’s clubs in Northern and Luapula provinces.

MMD Spokesperson, Dora Siliya, told journalists at a press briefing at her office this morning that the MMD government appreciates what the first lady is doing.

Ms. Siliya, who is also Education minister, says the first lady is doing what every other previous first lady had done in the country.

Ms. Siliya says Mrs. Banda is merely using her privilege and influential position as first lady to reach out to the needy in society.

She says those accusing the first lady of campaigning in Mpulungu are misplacing their accusations because the first lady is merely doing her job as the Mother of the Nation.

Ms. Siliya calls on those politicizing the first lady’s trips to Northern Province to focus on developmental issues that need urgent attention.

And the MMD Spokesperson has expressed happiness over the remarks made by the Word Bank Director for Africa that Zambia is economically doing well.

She says such is an indication that the MMD government is delivering to the people.

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