It’s only Zambians that can stop PF theft

It’s only Zambians that can stop PF theft




The revelation by the Auditors General’s Interim report that K1.3 billion has been stolen from the Ministry of health is very sickening. Stealing is very rampant under PF because all institutions of good governance have collapsed. In case you have forgotten, the chief Government spokes person admitted that PF has thieves. It’s highly unacceptable for PF to steal funds donated to help the Zambians to mitigate the impact of Covid 19 which has no cure. PF will dismiss this report as Mfwiti Mfwiti. We have already seen how hardcore thieves have been laundered into innocent people. It’s only you Zambians that will stop PF from stealing in 2021.

Will Zambians ever listen and trust any advice from a group of thieves on Covid 19? That’s why the compliance levels are very low because Zambians have lost trust in the PF leadership. A thief has no moral standing to tell people to observe the five golden rules of combating Covid 19. Anywhere in the World people have no faith in leaders with questionable characters? If PF is serious about winning the fight against Covid 19 let them change the people disseminating Covid 19 messages. Find credible people to drive the process, not suspects from the Ministry of health. Lives of Zambian are in danger because of your stealing.

Surely, even if you are bewitched and cursed, it’s wrong for you to steal Covid 19 funds. For how long will Zambians tolerate this behavior of stealing from them? Zambians have been complaining that PF is not serious about the fight against Covid 19. Zambians have proved a point that this PF regime is only interested in stealing donations and not fighting Covid 19. Zambians must come together and liberate this Country from the jaws of criminals and crooks.

The stealing of K1.3 billion is a very big blow to the successful fight against Covid 19. The biggest problem is that PF wants Zambians to believe that stealing is normal and that we should continue glorifying and dancing for thieves. No, even if you call us UTUPUBA we demand to know where the K1.3 billion has gone. We cannot continue being led by thieves; time has come to kick out thieves.

Percy Chanda

UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter

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