Its owner of Mazhandu who killed those people


When the bus reached kabwe it developed a fault, so the driver called his Boss and reported but he was repeatedly shouted at saying “just continue,  use that same bus because we have no buses to send to you fucker”. That was after the bus almost overturned…… So they all spent a night in one of the barracks in Kabwe with aid from the soldiers. The following morning they continued with the same bus with instructions from the same ” Boss” of which even a customer on the bus spoke to him after realizing that he shouted at the bus driver a lot. So after the toll gates the bus lost control and the  truck tried to swerve but it was too late… Kindly note that the driver was not in the wrong or over taking no. The bus had a fault but mazhandu insisted that they use the same faulty bus which later resulted into fatalities.

Let country knows what’s happening…you can just imgne how many are blaming the driver and yet it wasn’t his fault and now he’s also dead leaving his children & wife.

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