It’s PF cadres not professional civil servants stealing – Mwape

It’s PF cadres not professional civil servants stealing – Mwape


If Political leaders are “Koswe mu Mpoto” civil servants are “kolwe mu mataba”-Nkana MP

Nkana member of parliament Alexander Chiteme has described civil servants as monkeys in the maize field.

Last month, Musician Pilato described President Edgar Lungu and his government as rats in a pot.

And Zambia Council for Social Development (ZCSD) says the MP helps justifies Pilato’s song dabbed “Koswe Mumpoto”.

“We are of view that the PF must not cry foul at this time. Edgar Lungu and his team removed real Civil Servants through the Retirement in National Interest and replaced them with PF Political Cadres who are competing with their bosses, the politicians on who gets more from Government coffers.”

“Professional Civil Servants is key to quality service delivery and anytime Political Leadership that forms Government feels that it’s time to take over the government and employ Political cadres in civil service, the reward is abuse of the public service and create resource drainages like the one we are witnessing in the current Government as”

“President Lungu has created loopholes in the management Public resources and unifying the nation by allowing PF Cadres to be defined as the only citizens to have free access to Public assets and freely abuse them for their personal gains.”

“The Minister of Local Government commissioned some Bus Stations in Central Province. The question is who will be in charge of collection of levies from Bus Drivers? We all know the answer!”

“Until our Leaders appreciate that Zambia is a multi-Party state and Citizens can associate with any Political Party without be denied access to Public Assets and Economic opportunities.”

“The agenda of National Unity can never be achieved if and when much of Public resources benefit those in Ruling Party while other Citizens and voters for that matter watch in disbelief!”

“We therefore wish to challenge Honourable Alexander Chiteme MP to recall our brothers that we’re retired in National Interest and many of them replaced with PF Cadres are now acting like Monkeys in the Maize Fields as rightly described by Hon Alexander Chiteme MP.”

“Honourable: Your Government probably wanted to employ senior Civil Servants who would easily give the party functionaries access to Public resources which as a Party you have achieved and you are able to justify that 42 Fire Trucks can cost our treasury USD 42,000,000.00 and that an Ambulance can cost as little as USD288,000.00. “

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